Monday, February 18, 2008

He called me today!

Yes! It is true I spoke to Aaron on the phone today. They caped his treake and he is able to talk for a short time. I can't tell you how awesome it was to hear Aaron's voice again. He is doing so good, Doug, Ang and I were with him all day on Saturday and when we left Doug and I looked at eachother and said "Thank you God" he looks and feels really good. The best we have seen him yet. His skin is healing, his buzz cut actually looks good and his spirits are improving daily. We are praying that he will continue to heal and maybe he will be ready to come home soon. Thanks for stopping by, sorry my messages are short and sweet, but I have to take advantage of my minutes between chasing a 3yr old little boy. Mom will be back tonight, she has such an ability to bring you theupdates on Aaron and we thank God that she has been able to inform you all during this difficult time. Thanks mom... everyone appreciates your updates. may have your job back! dana