Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guest House Update

In the picture above is the master bedroom, we used an antique door that we found in a local antique shop. The door is pink and ties in perfectly with our Shabby Chic bedding and furniture.
We have been busy needless to say... Mom and I have put in three long days of shopping and decorating. We had both of the boys with us today, so we were doing double duty with kids and decor. By Gods Grace we will finish this project in time for the parade of homes, coming in early May.
Our cabinet guy was there today making the templates for the counter tops and I am excited to see how they are going to turn out. The contractors have been wonderful, we are keeping them busy with all of our projects. They hung shelves above the windows today and it made such a difference. Mom filled them up with all of our finds from the antique shops, local stores and grandma's attic. (You should see the things in this attic, my grandma has a wonderfully stocked attic.)
Enjoy the pictures and I will be back when I build back up the energy.
God Bless

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