Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Cool Retreat...

Sun porch area overlooking the Gardens. Two chairs were purchased from a local furniture store new and the table is an oldy but goody purchased at a local antique shop. Living Area just off the kitchen and sun porch. The living area was opened up during renovation. Before the area was separated from the kitchen and the sun porch we decided to open up the space so you could enjoy the gardens on the property from most any spot in the main area. In the top picture you can get a glimpse at the beautiful property surrounding this guest house. It's various shades of green inspired this color palette. The design of this house is meant to be a cool and calm retreat. We didn't want to clutter it up with too many things. We tried to keep things simple and clean, and what better way to achieve that clean look than to use white as the background color. Most people that know me, know that white is rarely the color of choice when I do a house, but it was defiantly the way to go here. With all of the added arcitectual appeal of this home we felt that keeping the background white, wouldn't interfere with the beautiful gardens and grounds peeking in through the windows. We used different textures and shades of white so it would create a warmer feeling and wouldn't look so sterile. We shopped for 3 days straight to buy everything for this house. We were able to furnish and decorate this guest house in 3 days by shopping locally. The local shops were wonderful and the service in this town couldn't get any better. A special thank you to all of our local shop owners and staffs for your excellent customer service. We thank God that our local shops had what we needed, when we needed it and it worked out beautifully. Thank You! More to come... Please stop back by and see how everything is shaping up in this cool retreat. Thanks Again and May God Bless all of your Spring Projects! dana

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