Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pretty in Pink and Green Continued...

A close up of the apple green chairs.
I used a green and white polka-dot on the front of the chairs and a green check
on the back that match the panels on the window treatments.

A bath done on a thrifty budget.

It is possible to decorate without blowing the bank. When you are on a tight budget and can't afford granite on all of the surfaces, you can get a chic look by adding special details. The rose painted knobs and pulls on the simple white cabinets make the cabinets look like more than what they really are.


Sue said...

Oh, these are such pretty pictures too.

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh my goodness. I'm a pink and green lover too! And those chairs are so beautiful. I've never seen any like them. xoRachel

Happy@Home said...

What stunningly beautiful rooms! I have just found your blog and am having such fun reading and looking at the gorgeous rooms you have created.
Thanks for sharing.

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Dana,
I love your beautiful pink and green chairs, I don't think I have ever seen a pair like yours before! I have a chair addiction and have to put blinders on when I know they are around! LOL!
My house was featured in the April/May issue of Country Sampler magazine, it is out still in the bedroom is WAY smaller then yours and the man I live with made me tone it WAY down, I wanted pink walls...sigh! I had the bathroom pink and he was like, Ok girly get that painted over quick! He lets me do pretty much anything I want so I am not complaining...Ok, maybe just a bit!
Have a lovely weekend, I'm sure I will check in with you soon!
Donna Lynn

Rue said...

Hi Dana :)

I love your master suite and bath! Gorgeous colors and those polka dot chairs are absolutely precious :)

Thank you for your farmhouse prayers.

Megan Lynn said...

Your bedroom is absolutly beautiful, you did such a lovely job! I remember what those chairs looked like before and they are to die for now...way to trust your instinct on that one! Hope all is well, tell the boys I said hi!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!
It is SO nice to meet you!


Sheryl said...

I can't believe how old Emma looks either....she definitely got her daddy's height gene!

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Dana!
Just checking in tonight, hoping your having a wonderful week so far!
We got rain today so I took the 16 yr. old to the DMV and got his learners permit...sigh! Help, prayers are needed for this mommy, the third son I have had to teach to drive, YIKES!
In need of hugs,
Donna Lynn

Free Art Printables said...

Oh, this is so pretty! Jen R