Monday, June 9, 2008

Is it Sunny or Stormy?

Well the big question here today is... Is it going to be Sunny or Stormy? I am hoping for Sunny. The boys and I are home now and we have so much work to do inside and out. The storms that have passed through this area made our surroundings not so pretty. There are leaves and branches everywhere and the plants and flower beds all need cleaned back out. I can handle a few leaves here and there and I just Thank God our home is still standing. I hope all of you made it through the storms and I pray that you are all safe, with power and a roof over your head. May God Bless all who may have suffered a loss of any kind, from these awful storms.
Many Blessings to you all!
Thanks for stopping by, dana


Sue said...

Hey sweetie pie! How you feeling today? We have been on the run all day. Issy and Michel went home last night so a lot of catching up to do around here. I'll talk to you in the morning.

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Dana,
Hope all is well in your world, are you having a good beginning of your week??? Hope so!
I had a busy weekend, and am trying to post about it, blogger is being stupid today!


Sue said...

I'll probably talk to you before you read this post but if I forget to tell you, Rhondi just let me know that Tasha Tudor passed away at 92 on Sunday.

Dana said...

how sad...

Anonymous said...