Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sofa Fabrics

I love this floral that I found and I would do the red in cording My Drapes My big chair next to floral, red and yellow grid fabric. Love the floral but I would have to ditch the chair. Not Good. I think the green chenille is the easiest with kids and I think the color is good. My only concern is...boring but practical, safe and versatile. What do you think? I like this and I know it would be comfy, but I just don't know
As you can see there is a lot going on in here. Between the leopard rug the plaid sofa the floral drapes and chair and the big chunky brown leather recliner it stumps me on what to do for the sofa fabric. Big chunky chair stays. This is from the living area, looking into the kitchen and dining area. Don't mind the mess.
I need Help!
There are a few issues at hand.

I want a Smith Brothers sofa. We purchased one for our basement and absolutely love it! They are so well built and our good friends sell them at the fabulous local furniture store. I have to leave the other chairs in the room because there is really no other place I could put them and we cant afford new. So I need a coordinating fabric to match the drapes and chairs. As most of you know my colors are red, yellow and green. I have many red pieces of painted furniture, some black and some wood tones. I am very eclectic and I do not like everything real matchy matchy. The fabrics obviously have to coordinate... but I just am having a hard time deciding style of sofa and the fabric. I love florals, but with the other large chair being a large floral print I don't know what is the best thing for the sofa fabric. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it, I would love to hear your ideas. Thank you all of visiting, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Many Blessings, Dana


Sue said...

Good mornin' ~ I say the red chenille for sure. Maybe, just maybe with leopard welting. First choice would be solid red. Add all your yummy rooster and French pillows, floral needlepoint in the spring, holiday pillows when appropriate, snuggly throws to curl up in and even Thomas the Train & Spiderman will look good ;). I think you are right that the green would be just too blah for your vibrant home. I'm sure what ever you choose will look great.
Hugs and love,

Sheryl said...

Hi Dana -No advice from me cause I know between you and your mom you'll have it covered beautifully!
Just wanted to stop by and say HI and see what you'd been up to. Looks like lot's of fun things. Have a blessed your music! Sheryl

Karin said...

In my last house, I had a green chenille couch and love seat. My colors were very, very similar to yours. I used a gold and white buffalo check, the Queensland, toile- kind of the mix you have. I loved it and it was very child friendly. You will think I am crazy, but what about a cotton duck slipcovered sofa? I have a four-year-old and I wouldn't hesitate. You can bleach the duck! I've seen it survive five-year-old twins. I would do cotton duck and big Euro pillows across the back in that Waverly Mayenne pattern and some toiles. It would be a great backdrop for needle point pillows and majolica plates and tole lamps, painted furniture- Yum! I have some tear sheets I can email you pictures of to get an idea, if you like. I'm a magazine hoarder. I've got lots of examples.

Since moving into this house, I sold the chenille and bought (at hubby's insistence) a leather sofa and two clubs and I'm just so unhappy with the look. I should have stuck to my red/green/gold when we moved, but I kind of lost my way :( I think the house overwhelmed me and I started moving in a much too formal direction. Still working on it. Never ends, does it.

Anonymous said...

Dana, The conservative, practical, Nana side of me says the green would be best. The little bit of wild me says the red. Your home is beautiful and I know you'll figure it out.



Hi Dana,
I've visited often but have never left a message, but I enjoy yours and your Mom's blogs! Okay, not that you need any advice on decorating, but it looks like you already have alot of red so I was thinking the green and then accent pillows to bring out your other colors. Then again your Mom makes the red sound good up there on her comment, it's hard to pick such a big piece of furniture that has to last for so long. That's why I went to Ikea and bought the slip covered couch that has at least 10 different slipcovers the most expensive one is around $40.00, so I can change it whenever I want to.LOL.

Nancy Rosalina said...

Good morning Dana, Why is it that we can always make these decisions for other folks, but when it comes to our on's so difficult??? I really think either red or green would work great!! If you choose green make sure it is a green that will not clash with that beautiul green tree or it looks like a tree to me, anyway, it is right out side those big beautiful windows....I learned that by trial and area one time. The green I had choose for a piece of furniture clashed with the green that was showing through a huge did not look good at all....said all that to say...make sure the two greens blend. Blessings, nancy

Anonymous said...

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