Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guest House Update!

WOW! What a difference siding and a new roof can do. This guest house is really starting to take shape. The siding is complete, the original maple wood floors have been restored. The moldings are getting finished up as we speak and the cabinets will be set on Monday.
I chose a beautiful shade of green for the siding to coordinate with the existing main house. The main house on this property is mostly brick and some cedar shakes. The trim on the house is all painted out in the most beautiful shade a verdigris green.
Copper accents have aged over the years to match perfectly to the green used on the trim and the doors. (I will post a picture of the main house later.)
The roof on the guest house was an orange clay color before and is now a tri-color mix of green, chocolate and gray. I chose this roof because it tied the two homes together and made the guest house look like it has been a part of this property forever. The existing main house has a magnificent roof, made out of clay tiles. All hand made, these tiles are expensive and very tough to replicate. So we tried to pick a color in a asphalt shingle that would coordinate with the tiles used on the main house. The colors matched perfect and really add a lot with out having to break the bank.
Coming soon... Cabinets and Lighting! Thanks for stopping by.
God Bless and have a great weekend.

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Sue said...

That is really a big difference from the before picture, good job.