Monday, March 31, 2008

Tiny Toes...

Ten fingers
and toes,
curious eyes,
gentle soul
A miracle
in our midst
This picture was taken by my friend Crystal, when Nolan was only 4 days old. She came to our house and her and her husband took the most beautiful shots of Nolan and our family. Thanks Crystal and Riley, our family will treasure those pictures forever.
I thank God for wonderful Friends and Family.
God Bless,


Sheryl said...

Beyond precious! What a wonderful keepsake.

Unknown said...

I love this picture

Sue said...

Yea! My computer is fixed and I get to see this sweet picture that darling Crystal took of Nolie's precious feet.

Betty said...

I came over from your Mom's blog. Sue and I have become friends via blogging....her home is so warm beautiful and inviting.

The feet picture with the wedding rings just exudes love....

Your guest house is lovely....hope to see more pictures. Back at Christmas I posted our home and guest house....

Looking forward to more visits...Betty @ Country Charm