Thursday, July 10, 2008

Basement Tour...

This is the Living/Play room
This room sits right next to the bar and goes right out to the patio overlooking the lake.

The patio is so nice to have downstairs. It really offers another space to just relax and enjoy hearing the boats and kids play.

This is the guest room where my mom stays when she comes. She has her own little apartment when she comes. It is nice when she comes for longer periods of time.

This is where I do all of my long distance running... I am a really big runner...

(Okay, you got me... I can't remember the last time I even turned that machine on. But I have big plans on becoming a really great and skinny runner some day!

Does anyone know how to turn these babies on?

Look out world... here I come!

This closet is in the laundry room. It used to be filled with old wood, dirty clothes, cleaning supplies and what-nots. This part of the room was not finished when we did the basement so the floor is concrete and the wall are bare studs. I got out some old fabric and the staple gun and created my own little hiding spot wrap and do whatever.

This is also in that same closet. I now have my own wrap station in my Laundry/Bathroom. I love to wrap gifts and this closet was a perfect solution for storing giftbags, cards, markers and wrapping supplies. This wrapping station I purchased a long time ago from Pottery Barn Outlet for $85.00. (What a steal!)

You may wonder what the jars on top shelf are...

My hubby bought those for me awhile ago to put all of our paint in. They are quite handy, you put all of your leftover paint in them from your house. They have a small brush attached to the lid and when you have to touch up your paint around the house you just get out your small jar and away you go with no brush or pan to clean up. They come with their own labels to put the paint information on. A great invention!

This is my sewing/makeup/folding table.
I created this out of an old plastic drawer unit, an old metal file drawer and a leftover peice of plywood. I had some fabric left-over from another room and wha-la!
A Sewing/MakeUp/Folding Table!

I love coming in here now to do Laundry!

I am trying to figure out how to camoflauge the ugly electrical boxes.

If you have any good ideas please feel free to share.

I always wanted custom cabinets above my washer and dryer... I waited and waited for my hubby to breakdown and finally get them for me. But now I am glad that we decided not to get them. Now I have all of my cute stuff out and it saved me so much money doing it with the things I already had.

(I am trying to be "Green")

More Shots of the Laundry/Bathroom
On the floor in here I wanted something that would be unique and easy to clean. I chose a laminate floor, but instead of just using the square tiles we mixed in a wood laminate to compliment the tiles. It makes a grid pattern on the floor and is definately a conversation piece.

Not much to say about a toilet... Can you call this pretty? Pay close attention to the little details (Hint: the toilet brush in the lower left corner...Nice.)

I love these white rose shower curtain holders.

Holders and Shower Curtain from the Shabby Chic collection at Target. These are the only things I purchased to do this Laundry Room makeover. Everything was from my drawers, storage closets and other odd places through out my house.

I think it is amazing what you can create with your own things. I have stuff, beyond stuff in boxes and storage. My husband is always saying we need to have a garage sale, but I love rotating my things. When I move things around and rotate my stuff it always gives my rooms a fresh new feel.

Living/Movie/Work Room:

When you walk down the stairs: this is where I blog, scrapbook
and do all of my printing projects.
How about a Nap: This is where I go to relax, read

and take long naps in the afternoon


Sue said...

So pretty! I love the new look in the laundry room and the way you used all of your existing treasures. The wrapping room will come in handy for all the pretty gifts that you so generously present to all of us, your lucky family and friends.
Love you,

Happy@Home said...

Everything is just beautiful. I love your decorating style.
Thanks for sharing.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a lovely home you have! I am thrilled that you found me so I could find you! Your blog is very inspiring! I look forward to more visits!