Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Sun-Porch Renewed!

Please come in and take a look around.
Back porch Entrance A great landscape we found tucked away in the basement. Simple pillows were added to the sofa for color and comfort.
Back Door drop area. I love these antique yard tools and this cute basket. Angie's brilliant Idea:
We had originally purchased a quilt to cover the ottoman in-front of the sofa. Angie went back to the store and they had got in the matching pillow shams. (Ding, Ding.) Great thought... we will make cute cushions for the adorable dining chairs. She bought a king sham for the bench and 3 standard shams for the chairs, we tied the backs with teal chenille ribbon and they really turned out cute and saved us a lot of money. Love these ornate white metal vases.
Angie and Aaron had this Larger Shelf custom built over the windows on the main wall. It is a great place to showcase some fun accessories that will help tie in with your room.
So we jammed it full of fabulous finds in all of the colors of the room.
The polka-dot books are just a few of my favorites.

Yes... This is a close-up of the fabulous wind chime that we purchased downtown. It was made by a local artist. I will try and get you more pictures of these wind chimes because I was totally impressed with these clever works of art. They are made out of all things silver. The shop owners husband creates them and he make them out of butter dishes, silverware, teapots, plates and so much more. You have the option of bird feeders or wind chimes. We went with the wind chime made with silverware, it's perfect over the porch dining table.

I just love it and I hope you do too! The porch dining table

I love these little clay pots, you can put anything in them.

So the corner of the porch was kinda bare, and was in need of texture and some height. So... we built this tree. It turned out pretty cool, we bought the copper bucket at the antique mall and Angie filled it with rocks. Blake and I pulled some branches that my hubby cut down a few weeks ago, out of the woods. I tied the branches together and attached them to the back wall with wire. Then, I tied small floral sprays to the smaller branches, added a nest and a beautiful wind chime that my adorable niece Taylor made at art camp and whalaa! Texture, Height and Free!
All things needed in Good Design.

The wind chime that Taylor made in Art Camp. Isn't it beautiful.

(Okay, I have no idea what happened with the next pictures and text. My layout is messed up so sorry if this next part gets a little confusing.)

This bench sits next to the door going out to the patio. This offers a great spot for gardening tools and a garden hat. This old painted shutter was turned into a set of hooks for the families hats, coats and what nots. Clever! This plate hangs over the french doors going into the house. If you noticed this from somewhere... you can find more of these pieces for 50%. She did a post on the small bird plates and mugs yesterday. We had purchased this platter at TJMaxx last week and loved it. We can't wait to get all of the matching pieces at Lavender Hill. You must check it out! Too Cute. We found this old farmhouse cottage table and chairs at a local store downtown. Angie got a steal for this table and 3 chairs, she only paid $200 for the set. The table is a drop leaf and it is all painted in a crisp creamy white. The same shop had the great painted white
Well, after a couple of days of hard work and hot and muggy weather, the sun-porch and the owners are much happier with a long awaited finished porch. This porch had great bones from the beginning, but with the accessories and the additional eating area added this porch will be enjoyed by this big family for many years to come.
Thank you Aaron and Angie for giving me the opportunity to work on the project and for allowing me to share with the rest of my blogger friends. This was a great project to work on and I enjoyed it very much.
I hope that you enjoyed the pictures and your time here today.
Please stop by again friends!
Many Blessings Always, Dana


Sue said...

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys did a great job. You made that old furniture from Summer Hill really come alive.
Love you,

Happy@Home said...

I really enjoy your decorating posts. The sun porch looks so cozy and relaxing.
I was just wondering about the saying on the wall above the cute platter ~ was that stenciled or hand painted? I love that.

Thanks for sharing. Great job!!


Betty said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The older elements so much more appealing than brand new don't touch me things...

Very inviting....good job....Betty @ Country Charm

Carrie White said...

Love the old, love the new, love it all! What a great extra space that they will really enjoy using! Great job ladies! Love, Carrie

Dana said...

The saying above the door is a rub-on. It comes printed on a sheet and you rub it on any surface. They are around $30. I really like them. I don't have the name of the company, sorry. You might be able to google rub-on sayings.

Good Luck, Dana

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Oh My Goodness! Your sun porch is just toooo fabulous! I just love everything you have done!

Thanks for mentioning me and my sale of the plates here!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Dana, What a charming place this turned out to be. So welcoming and a great place to do so many things, from reading a great book to playing a game with family or friends. Applause!!
xo Lidy

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Dana!

Oh My Goodness girlfriend! You did a fabulous job on your clients sunporch and what a sunporch it is! what sweet touches everywhere! I especially love the table in the corner to look out to the backyard. Girl you are good!

I always love to see what ayou are up to!


Tony Destroni said...

hi very impressive nice ideas you've got . i love were you placed the wind chimes chimes and perfect combination with other accessories .!!