Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You can't see the sign very well, but it says...
Coffee isn't a drug,
I am here...thanks for checking on me. It has been a long month here at our house. We are fine, it has just been crazy. Blake and I both were hurt (in the same week) with ankle injuries and between crutches, ace bandages, Motrin and ice packs we have managed to heal up just fine. Needless to say when you are laid up for a few weeks your laundry and everything else gets a little out of order.
Happy Fourth of July everyone! Please check back for more updates.


Sue said...

Cute picture. I'll try to squeeze in the old books. The pink cupboard in the garage is over flowing already with up north gear.
Love you,

Carrie White said...

I'm sooo glad to hear you and Blake are "back on both your feet again!" Just in time for lots of summer fun. We'll see you up north soon! :) Love, Carrie

Sheryl said...

So sorry to hear about the injuries to you and Blake. Glad to know you're both better. By now you should be "up north" with the family. Best wishes for a fun filled vacation and Happy 4th! Sheryl