Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Homes I LOVE...

Good Morning All!
Just wanted to share a few more of the homes with you that we have seen while out
driving about. I love driving around looking at different homes.
I just got back last night from visiting mom and we had a great time. My nephew and his wife are having their first baby and we went to her shower this weekend. The shower was lovely and Doug's sister was there from out of town, is was great to see her. She had never met Nolan so it was nice that he finally got to meet his Aunt Debbie. I wish I would have snapped a picture of my nephew's new house because it was beautiful. I am so proud of them and I can't believe that he is old enough to have a wife, a baby and a new beautiful home.
Congratulations Ryan and Vanessa!
I am getting ready to host a coffee and conversation tomorrow and I need to get my house in order and the menu finalized. I am thinking about something light.
(Since I have started Weight Watchers you know.)
What do you think? Any ideas for great coffee, conversation and *#^? So far...
The Menu
Coffee and Tea
Build your own yogurt parfait
with fresh berries and granola
Homemade - Banana Bread
with cream cheese
Maybe a 1 point
key lime tart
(a weight watchers recipe)
Short and Sweet or Is it too Sweet?
What do you think, do I need more, less or other?
I want it to be simple, the most important thing is making my friends and fellow mothers feel welcome, relaxed and special.
Please leave a comment to just say hello or to give me any other ideas
for my get together.


Sue said...

That sounds good. I miss you guys already. Those houses are so pretty.
Love you,

Happy@Home said...

Beautiful houses!!

I think your menu sounds perfect. I especially like the yogurt parfait idea. So nice for summertime.

Have fun.