Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Big Boy's First Day of Pre-School...

So the day has come, when I send my baby boy off to school. I had always pictured that it would be when he was a bit older than three, but he was ready and so excited. He woke up this morning and I had just packed us a lunch to eat at the park after school. He was glowing with excitement, he wanted to get in the car and go PJ's and all. Blake with his new Lunch Box.
What is the First Day of School with out wiping snot on your shirt
right before we head out the door. NICE!

Grandma Sue bought this backpack for Blake for Christmas last year.

He just loves it!

Daddy and Nolan getting Blakey all settled into his new classroom.

If you have kids than you know how hard it is to send them to school for the first time. I am not used to the fact that he is old enough to start school. I know that it will be great for him and as long as he is excited about school I will be to.

God Bless Blakey, his teachers and his new school.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any first day of school stories please share.

Many Blessings, Dana


Nancy Rosalina said...

Hi Dana, Enjoy those school days...they will be some of the best days of your life...cherish the memories! There will be lots of ups and downs with school, but it will pass! You will look back one day and your children will be grown, it's a bitter sweet feeling! Blessings, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Oh he is sooooooo cute!
I know how hard that was for you - we want them to learn to fly, but we want them to fly quickly back home too. (((hugs)))
As always, everything is beautiful here at your place.

Sue said...

So cute! I'm glad he is getting a chance to use his Owl back back.

Sheryl said...

Oh Dana - how sweet Blake is! Hard to believe he and Emma are off to school already! For now I am picking Em up at pre-school (let's just say I'm a bit older than the parents there...) It is such fun to see her playing with all the other kids and sooo excited. By the way - your blog looks awesome! Love - Sheryl

Anonymous said...