Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays

The Gift of Giving.
Giving to others is so much fun... I am a gifty type person. Working in the Gift Business for so many years really made me love giving gifts to the people I love. I love wrapping, ribbons, arrangements and fun toppers. The gift does not have to be expensive, you can wrap something simple like a candle up beautifully and it makes it all the more special.
Setting the pefect Table
Use the items you love for the holidays, add a little glitter and tinsel and you have a special table for the holidays.
Cozy Dining
I love to make my home warm and cozy for the holidays. It wasn't until a few years ago I started really decorating for the holidays. I just love the look on my boys face when they see twinkling lights and the festive accessories. Blake loves to help put out the decorations for the holidays with me... We cut out snowflakes and used glue and glitter last night for a
family fun project. I like to include him in some of the fun so that he has an
appreciation for beautiful things like I do.
God Bless you all this holiday season.
Hugs, Dana


Betty said...

Giving is a gift in its self...just to see the surprise on the other faces...

Your home is lovely...again I like your table cloth fabric...I use that also....

Wishing you a blest season as we celebrate our Saviour's birth....Betty

Sue said...

It is looking pretty Christmasy around here.
Bless your heart, you are such a thoughtful gift giver. Everything is always as beautifully presented as is is thoughtful.
Love you sweetie,


It looks so cozy and festive!! I love your table setting and the projest with your boys sounds like fun. Enjoy your holidays!!

Nancy Rosalina said...

Dana, this room is gorgeous!!! It looks so cozy! Nancy

Kelly said...

I LOVE the candle idea....I'm going to do that for my neighbors! Thanks for sharing! Your house looks beautiful by the way :-) Happy Holidays!!