Wednesday, January 21, 2009


If I looked this cute eating Chocolate Cake... I would have nothing to worry about... But...
I don't.
If I have to look at another chocolate cake I think that I will die. Really enough already with the chocolate cake...(note to self do not make any more cake.)
well until Saturday, it's grandma's birthday and guess what is on the menu!
I am going to turn into one big piece of cake pretty soon. LOL I do really love birthdays, don't get me wrong but when you are somewhat trying to use the littlest bit of self control when it comes to food;
it makes it to hard to be good. Gotta love CAKE.
I hope that all of you are doing better than I am with you so called New Year Resolutions!
God Bless You!


Sue said...

He sure does look cute, even covered in chocolate cake crumbs!

Anonymous said...

Adorable !!!

Kathy :)