Thursday, January 15, 2009

Organized in 09

I have been a busy bee around the house. After Christmas I was totally overwhelmed with stuff, stuff and more stuff. I had no place to put all of the lovely things... that we received from Christmas. In panic mode I 1st called mom... then waited for her to come to the rescue.
And boy did she rescue! She has been helping me get my house back in shape Thank God! We gutted rooms, closets, organized storage bins and most of all she helped with the boys while I built in a new closet system for Blake and all of his TOYS and BOOKS.
Thank you MOM.
A Mudroom needs to FUNCTION!
and now it does. Newly installed hooks, baskets for hats and mittens, a bench and a few decorative touches makes my mudroom FUNCTION for now. I love this new space it really makes coming home so nice! The best part about all of it is that I did it with things that I had just laying around the house.
Thanks for checking in and I promise to be back to blog world again soon!
Many Blessings, Dana


Betty said...


Organization works wonders, doesn't it? I'm sure, being Sue's daughter, you possess all those good genes we see evidenced in her home....

I like your red...I use it in my home and never tire of it...

Betty @ Country Charm

Anonymous said...

Oh great you're back !!!

Love that curtain, you and your Mum are quite the duo, great job !!!

I love your style !!

Kathy :)

One Shabby Old House said...

Your home looks so pretty. Oh the rewards of organization!

cherry said...

Sooo happy to have found another red lover with the same tastes as I! I had so much fun visiting. cherry

Dana said...

Hello from another Dana

Your home is so cute!! Whatis your red/white floor? Is it VCT tile?

Anonymous said...

LOVE this Dana... so vibrant, so cozy, so fun!
Great job!