Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's New?

The boys and I on the Thomas the Train
There has been a lot going on around our neck of the woods... We have been busy with a huge garden and yard project here at our house. Doug has been working his tail to the bone trying to build a beautiful rock wall, flat yard area and put in a vegetable garden... Can you say OVERWHELMING! for sure...
The boys and I have been busy, we went to see Thomas the Train not to long ago and had a ball. Easter was great, Nolan is really getting to a fun stage... he is running all over the place, starting to say some words and he and brother are loving being outdoors!
I have been extremely busy with decorating and I apologize I have not been posting. I have a few projects that I have been doing and can't wait to be able to post some pics of our new backyard, some cottage retreats and more! Don't give up these are going to be worth the wait.

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Sue said...

Hi Sweetness....good to see you back in blog land, I know how hard it is for you to upload pictures on your computer.
Love all the pictures and can't wait to see the garden. I sent home those bags of potting soil with Aaron yesterday. Did you get them?
Don't work to hard. If you guys want a break come down this Sunday for the first Tiki Sunday of the season.
I'll talk to you later.