Monday, September 21, 2009

The Country Living Art Show and Good Friends!

A few of my good friends and I just got back from a great weekend at the Country Living Art Show in Ohio. We had an amazing time shopping, chatting, eating and we even got a chance to take in a great Chic Flick: Love Happens (bring your box of tissue.)
The show was great but the company was even better. Sometimes you realize how important it is to get away and take some time to relax, rejuvenate and just be with the girls. I think when you are able to get away like that you also realize that is always fun to go but it feels so good to come home. The look on my kids face and the hug from my hubby shows me how much I was missed and that is a feeling that us moms appreciate and love so much.
I thank God for my wonderful husband who encourages and supports me to do things like this and loves me whole heartedly.
Cheezy Wheezy!
I know but it was to tempting to pass up crawling into this basket
and having our picture taken.
Here is a delicious apple... long story...really funny... Angie knows...too funny!
My Sweet Ang.
GOD has blessed me with the most wonderful sister-in-laws, I just love all of them so much.
Thank you God for all my sistas from the other mistas!
Glamping: in other words... glamorous camping!
Sign me up...
After going on our first camping trip this summer with the boys I am all about loading up...(with a fabulous glamper and headin' out into the wild.)
Now let me explain WILD... At a campSITE, with nice showers restrooms on the beach, maybe a pool, a nice shop on site and shopping near by.
(is that too much to ask for??)
No really I am hooked and when I say this adorable glamper I fell in love. I think it would be such a great project to buy an old beat up camper and turn it into a FABULOUS GLAMPER!
to be continued...
Love this Fabulous tray decorated with the ribbons a vintage pin and these amazing red Sunflowers... Very Clever!!! You could totally do these in a kitchen or how cute to put on your door instead of the old tired worn out wreath.
Lemonade Anyone?
GOD'S Promise about Loyal Friendship: I urge you now to live the life to which God called you.
Always be humble, gentle, and patient, accepting each other in love.
You are joined together with peace through the Spirit,
so make every effort to continue together in this way. EPHESIANS 4:1-3
"Thank you GOD for blessing me with the most amazing Friends. They are humble, gentle and patient, so accepting of each other and our differences.
People say Good Friends are hard to find... but you have blessed my life with so many great friends and I say Thank You God!"
If you remember the pictures from Last Year's Country Living Show you might think that this chandelier looks familiar. They used gourds and twigs last year and this year it has a more colorful French Country feeling. I think it is so fun! Love the Chairs here! I am so glad you shared your time with me. I had a great trip, I hope this post encourages you to take some time for yourself, your friends, your passions, your home, your family and most importantly the Almighty GOD! Many Blessings, Dana


Sue said...

So glad you gals had such a good time on your trip. You all look so cute in that big ol' basket. Love the Glampers and I so see one in your future.

molly bea said...

Hey Dana - Great meeting you today at mom's group! Love your blog - great pix!

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