Thursday, September 24, 2009


Godly Parenting:????
It is so difficult sometimes to stay intentional when it comes to raising our children.
The chaos of the everyday life of a mother:
waker upper, dresser, dentist, doctor, taxi driver, picker upper, chef, tutor, mentor, laundry doer, dish doer, cleaner upper,organizer, baker, taste tester(my favorite)...
So many hats we wear, how do we do it?
I know that without the help from God...
I couldn't.
Don't get me wrong,
I love my job and I feel so blessed that I am able to be home
with my boys. But it is HARD!
My intentions as a mother are to raise Godly children and I feel that if my children have a heart for God then God will help Doug and I parent them in manner of which they need to become Godly grown ups. That is not EASY, actually it is quite scary! YIKES.
(I pray that my boys will always know that God is always there for them even if we can't be.)
I lost my father just a few years ago and I think how hard it is to be without him. I don't want my boys to have to go through that but I know that someday they will. I have grown so much closer to God through that experience and even though I miss my father so much I know that God is with me and I can move on because of it. My dad was an amazing father and Our Father is amazing too... he works in a way that I can't explain but I am grateful for the place that I am in. Thank you to both of my Fathers for being intentional about me and your Steadfast love.
Know and believe today that the LORD is God. He is God in heaven above and on the earth below.
There is no other god! Obey his lawas and commands that I am giving you today so that
things will go well for you and your children. Then you will live a long time in the land
that the LORD your God is giving to you forever.
God Bless and Happy Harvest!


Betty said...

A very heart warming post from a Godly Mom who has her head on straight and her heart depending on the right source.

Hope everything is well with your Mom. I miss her postings...

God Bless...Betty @ Country Charm

Anonymous said...

Lovely Dana....

It is a tough job...mine are not little anymore, one moved out and one is still at home....all the hard work does pay off though...we love our kids...but we LIKE them which says alot !!!

God Bless you and your sweet family,
Kathy :)

ps say hello to your Mum for me :)

Dana said...

Mom is great, busy but great I even miss her post and we talk on the phone everyday. She is well and I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Dana

Kate said...

What a wise post, Dana. You are a great mom!!!!

Thirkellgirl said...

I miss your mom's posts, too, and still check her link every day just in case she pops back in.