Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Welcome to Fall!

My Fall Pumpkin Topiary. Come on in and Enjoy your Visit.
Please enjoy my fall inspiration. I hope this inspires you to warm up your hearts and cozy up your homes.
Not only did I rearrange my Living Room Furniture again I have Ditsed it up for Fall Harvest Time. I love to have my living area larger and more spread out for spring and summer. In the colder months I prefer the cozier approach.
(Some might say cluttered approach... but I think it's cozy.)
Can't wait to eat this Sweet Corn...!
But what about my Decorations!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to have to put something else in my new cute basket..
Maybe gourds? We will C...
I love changing things up in the house.
(Ask anyone who knows me well.)
This is my Dining room mantel area which is also now part of my office and computer area.
Mr. B's First Day of School!
I can't believe how time flies, he is so big.
His classroom has 20 kids... That is a huge jump from the 8 they had last year.
Couldn't wait any longer.... It was so worth taking the corn from accessory to dinner! A Celebration of the Sweet Corn Season! Here is to Sweet Corn!
A wonderful decorating tool and good to eat!
My Sister-in-law Denise was telling us how yummy it is to put your Sweet Corn on the grill.
So we tried it for the first time... talk about mouth waterin' yummyness!
Thanks Denise for the tip it was Fabulous!
(As you can see the boys were extremely happy with it.) The Key to Fabulous Sweet Corn:
Soak the Corn in the husk for 30 or so Minutes in Salt Water.
Throw right on the grill with Husk and all for about 20ish minutes or until done.
Peel back, butter, salt, pepper and get messy!
"Go Now and check out all of the other Fabulous Fall Inspiring Sites!"
God Bless you all!


Sue said...

Everything does look so cozy and comfy. Glad to see a new post from you and the pictures of my boys. The corn looks delicious.
Love you,

Happy@Home said...

Your fall decor looks beautiful. I enjoyed clicking the pics to get a closer look. Too bad you had to dismantle your centerpiece, but the corn looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

Your house is so cozy Dana....YES corn on the grill is the BEST we have been doing it for a couple of years now...

Happy Fall....

All the best,
Kathy :)