Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Day to visit the Pumpkin Patch!

A Great Day to Visit the Pumpkin Patch!
What a great day with the whole family!
The sun was shining and it was a perfect Fall Day at the Pumpkin Patch!
Vroom... Vroom...
The boys loved these tractors!
Nolan couldn't really do it himself but It looks like they are adjustable.
To Fun!
Nolan wanted this Pumpkin!....
But mommy said if you can't carry it yourself... you can't get it. Cause I'm not carrying it for you...
(even though I don't think Doug and I together could have lifted this one.) Thanks for stopping by!
Many Fall Blessings, Dana

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby's it's Cold Outside!

Warm Blessings on this very COLD day!
Hugs, Dana

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun Family Mealtime Tablescapes

The Mom's Group that I attend at my church just had Kathy Long into speak on the Value of Family Meal Time. So Kathy, I and a few other mom's put together a few Fun Family Mealtime tablescapes for the moms to enjoy and I hope that you do too! My Friend Jill did this simple and sweet Thanksgiving table scape. I took the pic after we had taken all of the place cards but OMG so cute. Jill put little place cards with Bible verses on them, stamped leaves on them and...just to cute! Happy Harvest Y'all.
My sister-in-law Angie made these adorable place mats for her Brilliant Birthday Table scape.
Her children love waking up in the morning to a fun breakfast of their choice and this adorably set table. Riley her middle child turned 7 last week and this is a pic of her place mat. Ang made these place mats out of foam sheets cut them to size and put one around an oatmeal container for the centerpiece. This is so doable and clever I just love it. She glued little bright pom poms around it and used wooden dowels with hats on the ends! So cute and the kids love it!
Disney Fun!
This table scape was done to let the family know that a Disney trip was being planned and the parents were going to announce it at Dinner. Fun!
Make Voting Day, Independence Day, Labor Day... a great time to teach your children about what those days mean to you and our country. Or just use those times to be clever and have fun decorating!
Weather eating Taco Bell or your famous Enchilada's make it a Mexican Fiesta!
If doing this for your children and you want to keep it a non-Margarita Theme...
get out the margarita glasses and fill them with your salsa, cheese, sour cream... get clever and have fun with it. Use old beach sarongs to add fun color a pinata centerpiece and your brightest dishes! I made napkin rings out of bright colored tissue papers and tied them on with raffia around a simple white cloth napkin. I covered the table with a bright blanket and scattered cactus confetti to add some sparkle along with a wrought iron candle holder filled with fresh jalapeno and sweet peppers! Yum... bring on the tacos!
This table was done by our very clever and creative Kathy Long. Her inspiration for this table is "Letter Time" Help your kids learn their letters and make dinner time fun and educational.
Who needs a birthday to make dinner time fun...
This table scape will encourage your children with letter time fun! and fun hats to wear... how often are we aloud to wear fun hats to the table?
Let's Practice Colors!
What child doesn't love coloring? Kathy has out done her self again here with using white craft paper as her table cloth so that the family can have fun coloring maybe after they eat all of their "GREEN" beans! I hope this inspired you to make Family Mealtime Fun in your home. This is meant to be for the occasional dinnertime fun... not intended to make you feel lame because you don't do your tables up like this everyday or even every week. I had a great time working on this and I hope you can think out side the box for your next Family Mealtime.
Tablescape Blessings, Dana