Monday, August 2, 2010

An Update on the Family!

We have been having an Amazing Summer! Please Enjoy a few pics and I will post more later!
Nolan is 2 now and we are in the midst of Potty Training! He is so big now I can't believe I don't have that little baby walking around in diapers anymore:(
Thanks for stopping by!


Sue said...

Busy summer indeed! Good to see you posting again.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Wha a beautiful family!

Let me say again how happy I am that you are back to blogging!


dana williams- moore said...

I found you by accident i was looking for some info for myself for work and you popped up. We have the same name and I belive in God also and i do designs in the home but my love is cooking i bake cheesecakes,cakes,cookies and pies i also make other foods. I wd really life to talk to you im not crazy just looking for a little direction. God does things that we dont always understand why but the trick is to trust his leading and direction for our lives.
you can contact me by email i wd really love to talk sincerly Dana Moore